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Most expensive kebab

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Well as a cypriot i love a kebab but paying over 1000 dollars for one isant me .. there are many different varieties , from different corners of the world.

What is your favorite and why? 

 Are u a chill sauce person or a lemon and salt person. do u like tatziki yougurt with cucumber sauce ????

And this is me at home ....we call them souvlakia,,,,,


This is called a mix   its cubes of meat with cyprus sausages well faggots if u can calll them that ...as shown down below.. u can order just souvakia or a mix  most cypriot perfer a turbo mix.. You can imagine why we call it turbo.. because it gona be larger .. super size me ...





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3 minutes ago, CaptainLorca said:

Producers of kebab say (for döner and so on), that there is a potential that rodden meat in it. At least in Germany

just to inform you all  doner in turkish means round same as gyros means round in greek ..

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It is my favorite meal, for me I prefer kebab with mushrooms, it is small meat cuttings, mushrooms, with nuts placed on a barbecue skewer, and grilled on charcoal.

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