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@Bojana  and  @Vladimir got their salary  Btc  in primedice  and  went  to bank to cashout  so they   can buy some  rakija  and  booze  and  can celebrate  their salary

Suddenly some  robber  can and  start  robbing bank

After robbing the bank

1 robber to clerk : Did you see me robbing?
Clerk : Yes I saw u.

Robber killed him

and asked to the @Bojana : Did u saw ?
@Bojana : No, but @Vladimir saw u!

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Before Marriage - - -
@Thugstream: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait.
@Katarina : Do you want me to leave?
@Thugstream: NO! Don't even think about it.
@Katarina: Do you love me?
@Thugstream: Of course! Over and over!
@Katarina : Have you ever cheated on me?
@Thugstream : NO! Why are you even asking?
@Katarina: Will you kiss me?
@Thugstream: Every chance I get!
@Katarina: Will you hit me?
@Thugstream : Are you crazy! I'm not that kind of person!
@Katarina: Can I trust you?
@Thugstream: Yes.
@Katarina : Darling!

After Marriage - simply read from Bottom to Top. It sounds really interesting Marriage jokes

i am sorry if  this  coincident  has  happen to any persons  life    

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The dollar says Bitcoin: You want to take over the world, my son? But you can't even get into a stripper's pants!

Little boy miner found,  
Stuck in the socket, and to sleep he went, 
Sparks fell, the house broke out, 
The wiring there was a little weak.

When China banned bitcoin, bitcoin fell. When Russia banned bitcoin, the ruble fell.

I know how to bring down bitcoin. I just need to buy one...

Soon to the losers who did not have time to buy bitcoin, add losers who did not have time to sell it.

How much Bitcoin does it Take to buy some food? The answer is unknown, as its course is constantly changing.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and US dollar? 1BTC is worth $6900.


2-3 years ago, the Internet argued whether Bitcoin can penetrate the economies of countries such as Russia. Many have said that Bitcoin in Russia is a joke, but once the ruble in America was a joke.

I keep all my money in bitcoins. It's safe. My wife doesn't know how to spend it!

On the crypto currency you can earn, earn yourself nervous disorders...


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The secret service isn't allowed to yell "Get down!" anymore when the president is about to be attacked.

Now they have to yell "Donald, duck!"

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