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Pineapple is bad - Giveaway

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Hola peeps!

Thought we could use more fresh wind in here.. smells worse than the batcave.

Allright - ez pz... the FIRST one who writes me on PUBLIC chat "pineapple does not go on top of pizza" on friday (I'll respond if I've read it), gets 20,000 Satoshis.

Requirements for win:

  • Write in a comment something bad about pineapple in this topic!
  • Entry must be made before writing me on chat!
  • that special message in public chat of course 


  • It HAS to be the quote "pineapple does not go on top of pizza" - if its not exactly the same or just similar.. no win!
  • If no one is able to do so until saturday (UTC+2) - Giveaway is lost..

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pineapples are yellow and very sweet

put them on ya pizzas and they go down a treat 

the more pineapple the merrier thats what i say

come on eat some captain dont be gay ..

you might even like it and be happy all day ....







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Not a pineapple fan.....

reasons why -

1. Too much work to prepare a fresh pineapple... think about it... all the armor that they've got, its like you've got to crack the shell with the blast from an RPG before you start hacking away with a katana in order to get access to the goodies...

2. While you hack away for a few hours, praying that the pineapple isn't either unripe and so sour it will make your balls pucker up or so overripe you cant tell the difference between it and a bottle of homemade kombucha, the smell of the outer skin will curl your nose hairs like nothing else. 

3. Once you finally make it through the sticky bloodbath that is the preparation phase, most of the time pineapple is way too friggen' acidic and hurts the throat when it goes down.... every now and then I come across one which has the decency to show a little love and tone down the spike(such as the ones me and my buddies would find when innocently wondering onto the doll plantation on the big Island... I swear we didn't have pineapple on our minds...), but 9 outta 10 times... Pineapple hates your ass and wants to make you remember that.

Cheers Cap'n!


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