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How much is the amount you bet when you deposit ?

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Here is a question 

When you deposit to your stake account to gamble. What is the amount you put on one bet ? 

Well for me it depends on the amount , if i deposit like 2 Mill btc i might bet 50k sats or 30k sats in one bet in Plinko and Dice and Mines. 

Well how does it differ for you guys ? Do you like bet the whole deposit or like a pretty huge amount like 20k sats or 100k sats ? 

Leave your numbers below  

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2 hours ago, skanderkrid said:

It depends on how much I deposit and my mood. When am angry, I always bet so much xD

So, I bust all xD 

But in my normal state, I just bet with small bets.


Lol I suggest dont play when you are angry xD

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On 18/07/2018 at 04:14, gavinmdev said:

I bet 99999999999 btc cause I'm a big baller...but for reals I only bet like a pussy and even if I depod 1 btc i'd do 0.001 or less per bet!  XD

Also you can't bet that huge amount of btc in prime dice. Also everyone who deposits 1 btc bets less than that of course no one goes all in

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