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How did you get your first btc ?

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Hey guys i wanted to know how did any of you get your first btc in your wallet ? 

I got mine from a faucet which payed like 200 sats every 5 mins ( Those days are gone now) . The faucet payed to my faucethub and from there converted to doge so i could withdraw it.. Also on the sid of this i had been like believing in Pozi schemes and invested 200 Dogecoins into one and lost it  the site was unable to reach since they ran away. Then i had started from coinpot and got a daily income of 5k sats lol and converted to doge and hodled didnt invest it into anything.

So what are your guys stories ? How did you get your first btc ? 

And how did you make it? And how much btc did you make ? 

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16 hours ago, Wolfcub said:

I got my first bitcoin from a youtube competition which I won 3rd prize in.It was 100,000 sats.

Ohh lucky gratz on that :)

15 hours ago, ehsan551 said:

I won my first 500k satoshi from a rain in PD very big rain it was done by a rich user :D

Was that Edward cause he did that once in stake to han2x

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