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Beware of Cheaters!!!

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Hey everyone!
I'll mention you new cheater of our website called "@guma21"
 and his alt is (probably "FantiqiNahui", I guess becasue he tipped one more time)
So, he wanted exchange LTC to BTC(0.10LTC to 0.0012BTC) and I agreed with him I sent him 0.0012BTC and then he didn't send me!





Be careful guys!


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Hi there. \o


So sorry that this has happened, but let this be a lesson not only for you but for everyone. 😕

If you're looking for a loan or exchange, we'd like to prompt you to do it here, on the forum. There are several (trusted) users who are offering these kinds of services, so you could turn to them. :) 

We can't do anything with this one since you didn't give us enough proof that you had such a deal. If you could...please edit your post and we will review it. ;) 

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact us at any time! :) 

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Why do people even think of trading with a person who was been never come to the forum or has any reputation in the forum? The feedback system is used to track the successful trades and if you people will be as blind as to ignore the things staff says like "Dont do trades in forum" "Use an escrow" then you have to suffer consequences like these.

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