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By mistake bets

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Have you ever made a btc or eth or any other altcoin bet by mistake but didnt meant to do that ? 

I did this once with Dogecoin in Luckygames i had made a deposit of 200 Doge and i hadnt notice that i ahd selected full amount instead of half the amount and i had won 2000 Dogecoin from that bet lol. That was a lucky day or a lucky bet. I didnt mean to make that bet but that bet turned out to be great and helped me reach a good amount of 2k Dogecoins xD. So i h=hit a 10x I guess and got 2000 Doge Profit hehehehe. 

So anything happened to you guys like this either in Stake or PD or any gambling site where you by mistakely put a bet but didnt mean to do it and also did you loose or win the bet.

Leave your thoughts below and also how much amount did you bet and which coin and how much was the payout you got 

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