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420BlazeItFgt - defaulted on loan

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I am reporting @420BlazeItFgt for defaulting a loan that I gave them of amount 350k satoshi. Details of the loan can be found here.


He has been in contact with me on telegram but then stopped responding to me anymore since 19th June, 2018. He is overdue and hence I have to report this for proper actions to be taken.

In future if he shows up and pays his dues I will resolve this dispute.


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On 09/07/2018 at 01:17, Katarina said:

Edit: @UltraChief Has this been resolved?

@420BlazeItFgt Did not contact me yet nor did he respond to any messages. Please ban his accounts till he shows up with money to pay me back at which point he can be allowed back to access the site.

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