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Dark Prime Theme by VladImpaler

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Hi everyone!
While I was playing, the standard interface bored me. Also I often play at night, when the eyes are hypersensitive. So I made this a dark design for myself and for you, my friends.
Enjoy it!


Installation Guide:

Step 1. Go to - https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions

Step 2. Search the "css inject"


Step 3. Install "CSS and Javascript Injection"


Step 4. Go to PrimeDice and click the icon on the panel


Step 5. Paste this code 

@import url(https://prime-themes.github.io/themes/dark-theme.css);



If you want to thank me for my work:
BTC address: 1CFm8j5QGyz5VYTbrBFbD5etBpLipfYtrK
LTC address: Lb5pFnzjVWAagupfHhddUpMsm1uXtiSt5R
ETH address: 0x68E50067D60B390268EA59A0BdB6171a6e9a340a


Write what theme you go to see next!

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Hello @VladImpaler, how's it going, are you still active at Primedice? Let us know all about it so we can know if you are still updating your Theme.

Anyway and back to your share... The first moment i have opened this Topic i loved your theme layout except for one thing: I think your chat colors are way too forced, maybe too much dark used :D 

You could go for a bit grey color on the chat and black one to make some colorblind, distincting chat structure.

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