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The Tipping Facility

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Hi folks !!!

I am so happy to join the Prime Dice and meet with such a nice community. However , "Begging" in the Chat "Active or Passive" somehow discourages in participating in Chatting. However, I guess one of the reasons of Begging in the chat is the "TIP" Facility. Yeah , I know removing it from the Prime Dice can create a lot of chaos. However , once removed , people won't be able to tip anyone else , and certainly , it would the root out the reason for Beggars to beg. However , I am also against the entire removal to "Tipping Facility". So I would like the Prime Dice to hold the "Tipping Facility" to Moderators and Supports and obviously Admins (not forgetting the Rain-bot ) only. There can be or rather should be some modifications to my suggestion about the "Tipping Facility" . But at the same time I also don't know if removing the "Tipping Facility" would be just a radical step or may be I am wrong at my reason for begging in the Chat.This could also make it " A Better Chat Place ".


I wonder if this is even a suggestion or criticism 😶.

Thanks !!!

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Hey there.

Removing tip option is really not a solution.

Even if it was left only for the staff, they would move the begging towards us (passive obviously).

Moreover, it can't be removed since a lot of players use bank accounts where they send their balance very often by using tip command. 

I see your point in making the chat better place, but this is not the one. :) 

Thank you for the contribution and this proposal, looking forward to hearing more from you!

Locking this one now. 

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