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2018 World cup draws

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The 2018 World Cup quarter-final line-up has been decided after a most dramatic Round of 16 that ended last night. Now here is a preview of the quarter final


 Saturday July 7 — Uruguay v France

Saturday July 7 — Brazil v Belgium

Sunday July 8 — Sweden v England

Sunday July 8 — Russia v Croatia


Which of these countries do you think would go to the next round??

I think France,Belgium, England and Russia would advance to the next round.


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Nice predict , 3  good ,   only one wrong  about  russia-croatia  but it was really  close . Personnaly i betted on france  and  england ,  dat was some  obvious win  in  my opinion . Belgium-brazil was a  surprise ,  belgium played  really well. 

What do you predict  for semi final ? ^^  both  games are really  hard  to predict  imo .

France-Belgium  :  Gonna  be a  great game  but  i dont  know  who gonna  win,  even if  i root for france ^^ 

England -Croatia : Same , really  hard to  predict


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