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Word Game : Make a Sentence

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Hellow Fella Gamblers !!!!

This version of Word Game of mine is a bit different. I will be giving five words and you got to create a sentence or two from them. The sentence must have a logical sense and that it must contain the five words I mentioned. 

Here are the first five words !!!!

Kill , Gamble , Ass , woods , Girl 


Bonus Word : Donald Trump 


( Bonus Word : It can be used a replacement of any of the five words above mentioned )


Happi Playin !!!

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6 hours ago, Bojana said:

Great one, @UltraChief :D Now, give us 5 new ones, please, I like this idea :P

Let me take the chance :

Here are your 5 words , Boju :

Bojana , uchiha, love , life , play. 

Hope you play nice. 😂😘😜😜

Edited by UchihaRaj

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