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18 hours ago, FotisNt said:

Well, I joined, lets give it a shot and see how it goes! Used your ref link tho.

Thank you for joined . Still i have not post any of my ref link here .

btw, every day in various chats we play the game 'guess the number'
At the command of the moderator,players call lucky number. The player who guesses the number on the drum gets a prize of 10k sat
we usually have three games a day

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We are pleased to announce the new lottery 
10.2.2019 starts lottery lucky number to "Celebrate Valentine's Day" .
Monday - webnesday tell your number to moderator . 
Lotery draw is sunday 15.00 UTC . Wining number will get prie 0.5 mB .
During time of draw the player with wining one bet on single number will get 1 mB


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St. Valentine’s Day
Photo contest

BitDouble announces the beginning of a new Photo Contest dedicated to St. Valentine’s Day!

Just take a picture of yourself on the theme “I love BitDouble” and send it to contest@bitdouble.io. Pictures must meet the following specifications:

1.Images with the original pixel size (unless cropped).
2.Do not scale and do not change the resolution.
3.Must be uploaded in JPEG format with high quality compression.
4.The content of a picture must not be altered by adding, rearranging, reversing, distorting or removing people and/or objects.
5.Color correction and filters are allowed.
6.The participant must be the copyright holder or have been authorized by the copyright holder to submit the pictures.
7.Strictly forbidden: 18+ materials, incitements to violence, insulting players and third parties
Entries will be accepted until 23:59 UTC, February 14th.

Prize fund — 100 mB
Winner — 30 mB
Runner up — 20 mB
Third prize — 10 mB

The remaining 50 mB of the prize fund will be a surprise for all participants.
The winners will be chosen by vote, in which all VIP players could take part. All VIP voters will get a bonus of 0.1 mB.

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