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On 05/12/2018 at 17:12, obak121 said:

Dear friends, this year is coming to an end. The team of our site wants you to remember it bright, colorful and fun! We are glad to inform you that, on the eve of New Year's celebration, we have prepared for you another interesting contest, which starts on 05.12..2018 in our group in VK. (vk.com/playbarbarik)
You need to make a video congratulations to the players and participants of bitdouble.io, put it in Youtube and send it to us in support of https://bitdouble.io/support.php 
Also required are: 
link to your profile on the website bitdouble.io 
The contest will run until 00.00 Moscow time on 25.12.2018 
From December 25, 2018, voting will begin, which ends at 00:00 Moscow time on December 31, 2018. 
The voting results were announced 01/01/2019. 
1st place - 15 mBts 
2nd place - 10 mBts 
3rd place - 5 mBts 
We wish you all a victory and of course a profit on our wonderful site. 
Always your bitdouble.io team!


Don't forget about video contest still have few day to participate .

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7 hours ago, kasinojacob said:

I will try to take a look at this game. Seems like there's quite a few people in here that actually likes it. 

This a russian site so most of users are in russian . (if you know russian language) you can join russian chat room to find out how many user have . 
btw , you are always welcome to bitdouble.io

Today BITCOIN13 win 28 mBtc just in one bet in green image below 😀


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Hey guys! Tomorrow we will make Guess The Number contest. 
The rules: After mod writes START and before STOP you should guess the number appearing next on roulette.
The winner gets a 10k prize and misses 3 rounds  😉

We are just starting a new week for our weekly wager contest and here are the top 3 players as of this moment.


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check our new game !!

BitDouble Happy Bubble

The Happy Bubble is an exciting BTC game you can play with your friends or alone just to have a good time. With that you can easily clean up a fortune playing this game, and if the Happy Bubble reaches the moon, your rate will increase a hundredfold!

Before each flight all players place their bets and jump into the Happy Bubble.


The Bubble blasts off and starts to fly upwards. The Bubble can burst at any altitude from 1 to 100 – that’s just the luck of the draw. To win the game the bubble passenger must jump out of it before the bubble bursts.

So to start the game the player should place his bet and fix the altitude from 1 to 100, from which he’s planning to jump out automatically. The altitude is also a multiplier of your rate.

Then you should click the «Check in» button to get into the bubble. Now your bubble team is ready to fly to the moon! The bubble blasts off and starts to fly, at any moment you can click «Stop» (the button placed next to your rate) and jump out of the bubble earlier, this means that your gain will be multiplied by the altitude from which you jumped. The longer you stay in the game before pressing the Stop-button, the higher is the multiplication factor. But be careful - in each round of the game you can lose if you don't jump out of the bubble in time.

There is another important point: the bubble can burst before the start, and then unfortunately all the passengers lose.

The Happy Bubble is provably fair game. All random numbers are generated by a cryptographic algorithm and can be verified by third parties. Mathematics is published and the probability of any outcome can’t be changed. The game operator has no way to influence the game. In short, we use the result of the hash from the line consisting of the number of the round and changing once a day from the BTC network, and the chain of sha256 hashes, which is prepared in advance. For detailed information see the page about the provable honesty.https://bitdouble.io/pf.php?game=bubble 

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Only VIP players can vote.

For a vote VIP player gets 1 mB  bonus.

VIP votes will be accepted until 23:59 UTC, January 7th, 2019.


The contest is open to all interested in congratulating our players.

Prize fund — 50 mBTC. Winner — 15 mBTC. Runner up — 10 mBTC. Third prize — 5 mBTC.

The winner will be chosen by the team of moderators and admins, they will take into account the number of likes and views on Youtube, and likes of BitDouble.io VIP players.

Entries will be accepted until 23:59 UTC, March 7th.
The video should be dedicated to the Christmas and New Year holidays and to the BitDouble.io site as well. You can make a sketch, tell a story, sing a song or declaim a poem! Offensive language, insults or provocations are forbidden.
You can make your congratulation in any language, but it will be perfect if you can make it in several languages.
The length of the video — at least 1 minute and not more than 5 minutes, the videos should be publicly available on YouTube.
Placing your referral link will give you an income, do not miss the opportunity to make money on a hot topic!
You can submit a link to the video, as well as your nickname or referral link here: support@bitdouble.io

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