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Dear players,


We regret to inform you that in August a fatal accident occurred on our website. All master passwords have been lost by coincidence, our website was secure and well protected against any kind of attacks including the servers stealing. Too well protected... even from ourselves.


We've been trying for two months to restore the database, but we haven't succeeded. The database is lost and the last backup we have is from the 7th of April.


In light of these unfortunate events, we're going to make refunds of deposits to our users in accordance with the following rule:

* We have current funds balances of all users for 2019-04-08. These funds can be withdrawn whether the user has won it, lost it or already withdrawn it. The referral funds withdrawals are also available. To make a withdrawal you should send a request to support@bitdouble.io using your registered email.

* All funds deposited after 2019-04-08 will be refunded. You should specify the address where the funds have been sent to and the address where the refund should be sent. As for the accounts registered after 2019-04-08 -- please, provide the proofs of ownership of the addresses from which the deposits have been sent.


We really regret these unfortunate events. (announced by bitdouble.io administrator)

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