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This article  was  post  last month  by Siacoin lead developer ,  i dont  know  if  someone  already posted about  it  but  i think  it's  really important  to post  it ,  maybe the most  important article of the year ....  enjoy.... 


Monero hasrate after  hardfork .....  https://bitinfocharts.com/comparison/monero-hashrate.html 

 What are your thoughts? 

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thanks for posting this article. it seems to suggest that even with hardforks and regular algorithm changes the big players like bitmain will keep the upper hand in this growing and very profitable market, as their chips and setups might be flexible enough to still be profitable after changes.

Its also interesting to find out about the market startegies and how its possible to gain extra advantages by selling overpriced products to costumers while keeping important information and analyses hidden from the public.

sorry if i didnt phrase very well or use wrong terms, i am a tired n00b :)

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