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100000 Satoshi Maze Giveaway. EXTREMELY HARD. CLOSED.

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Hello everyone,


Because I had a Webshop in the past for a game called Age of Orion (doesnt exist anymore) I made a maze for them. The maze however became to be ultimately difficult, hence I thought it was cool for you guys to play it and win something cool if you are the first one the win. (You will receive 100k sat from me).

If you love to play mazes and do riddles this definitely is the game for you and collect a basically free 100000 satoshi by solving it :P.


- Your objective in this maze is to find the ''Temporary end'' page, screenshot THAT PAGE and give it in my inbox on the forum. (Also notify me via messagebox on primedice itself to collect your rewards faster.)  (You can also email the email address found on that page which will also lead to me.)

- Lore about the maze: Lady Riffadell (one of the four members of ''The Unrealists'') wrecks havoc on a neighbouring village and The Village Priest asked you to defeat her by clearing out her temple (this maze :P). 

- You can use this topic to debate about it with others and/or help each other out. Everything is allowed to get to the end, remember there can be just ONE winner.

- There are spiders on each floor in the temple (maze), they are however irrelevant to the giveaway and do absolutely nothing. You may just pass them as they were developed for an event for what the maze was initially used for.


Link to the maze : http://serte0063.wixsite.com/extratrivialwebshop/landing      ......  simply click on the pink button below to begin.


PS: Keep in mind this maze is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT, you are not going to beat it in just a few hours. So be careful what you flirt with. Amen.




MAZE HAS BEEN SOLVED AND THE PRIZE DISTRIBUTED! I cant seem to however close the topic so just take this message as closing :P  

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1 minute ago, Noahbreezy said:

you should probably close this topic as the giveaway is over.

I'm aware though this system kinda prohibits me from closing it, if a moderator or anyone could do that favor, nice. 

Else do you have any suggestions?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.