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Learning how trade cryptocurrency without the risk

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 I hope all of you are doing well. I have not been active this past few days in forum but believe me I have been thinking useful contents that I can share with you here for almost a week now. Honestly I have quite a few in mind already but I have not found the inspiration to write about them but this earning and learning opportunity is too good to pass up,. 

 I quick look at the platform and I instantly recognize its potential as very useful tool for those who are just starting out to trade.


What is Bsai ?


Bsai is a Bitcoin (cryptocurrency) Trading Simulator Platform. Yes, you heard that right it is only a simulator. There is no option for depositing cryptocurrencies since you don't need to deposit any crypto to be able to trade. Trades in the trading simulator gets real price feeds from the cryptocurrency markets, which exactly is not indicated, but a quick look at prices at coinmarketcap.com and Bsai seems to follow the price of bitfinex. According to the the website its primary purpose is to help people to learn cryptocurrency trading without having to take any of the risk and help them gain valuable trading experience. Indeed the best way to learn trading is to experience real trading. Although some may argue that trading behavior will be different when using your own funds but for starters this is good enough.



There are many other platform that offers similar trading simulation using "play ditigal assets" I have tried a couple before like IQoptions and bitmex's testnet. However what makes this platform different is it has incentivize learning, succeeding and being active in the platform. There are many ways to get rewarded in Bsai. These are the trading contest, Bsaicoin rewards, badges and airdrops which I will be explaining in the following sections.

Contest and how to start it?




The mechanics of the contest is simple. All who joins the contest will have an initial fund of $10,000.00 USD. You can use this funds to buy cryptocurrencies which you can sell later when it appreciates in value. Basically you try to buy low and sell high. Price feeds of the value of the cryptocurrencies comes from real and current crypto market values. The contestants with the highest profits will be included in the leaderboards in which they will be rewarded proportionately depending on the results of there trading performance.

The contest duration is 10 days, despite this duration the contest is taking place on a continuing non-stop basis and anyone can enter at any time. Prices for the contest is shown below. It is also indicated that the prize bonus will keep on increasing overtime.




Payments for the trading competition will be paid through the bitcoin address you will provided in the platform. As I have said in earlier you don't need to deposit anything in this trading simulation platform, what you need though is a bitcoin address where you can claim your rewards if you are lucky enough to be included in the leaderboards. It was indicated that they will pay your rewards within 3 days. Just be sure that you read the rules so that you have a better chance of always getting in the leaderboards.


Bsaicoin, badges, Airdrops and referral system

When you first signup in the platform you automatically will be given Bsaicoin which you can consider as virtual credits for the site. These BsaiCoins will be used as the participation fee when you start a new contest in platform to participate. You can obtain more BsaiCoins by claiming the daily bonus of 100 coins or by inviting friends in to the platform in which you will earn about 300 BsaiCoins for every referral that signs yup under you referral link. https://bsai.io/?t=739



For now the Bsaicoin is just considered virtual credits that is primarily being use as entrance fee for the contest. However it was indicated in the website that there are plans to issue the site's own BsaiCoin Token and add more valuable features in the platform that will create more benefit and surprises to the members. This confirms my hunch that the site is in its early pre-launch stage where it is still gathering community members and making its platform known through "viva voce" marketing.

There is also a badge system and airdrops features that has recently been incorporated in the platform. To get the badge you must accomplish certain task. these badges are closely tied to the Airdrops as they are use to qualify users on certain airdrops.



As you can see above the rewards unit are indicated as satoshi which suggest that airdrops will be given through the bitcoin address we have provided. I have not really unlocked any badge yet as I am very new to the platform. To find out how to unlock the badges you just need to click on the gray colored badges and find out the requirements or task to get the badge. For example we want to know what is the requirement for the bitcoin badge. This pop-out window will show as shown below.



This pop-out window will show you exactly what are the task you have already accomplished that is shown with a green check and the task that has now yet been accomplished with a red x. To know that exact task needed to get the badges you just need to mouse-over the task icons and see the description of the task to do pop-out.




One of the fastest way to earn extra BsaiCoin is by inviting other traders to join. By allowing them to join under your referral link. In this regard please consider joining under my referral link so that I can earn some extra BsaiCoins.


It is my honest opinion that this Cryptocurrency Trading Simulator that has activity rewards is an awesome Idea. Combining Earning and Learning in the marketing is a winner. For those who are still learning how to trade this is an awesome platform to start. Easy and simple to use. For those are are seasoned traders why not try your luck against everyone else. Go ahead try it here. My only disappointment is it does not have a STEEM or SBD pair for simulated trading LOL.

Good day to all!


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