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Highest bet that you lose in a single bet?

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In gambling there are only two sides, one is you win and the other is when you lose. 

Since there are already topics of showcasing some great wins, let’s make this a topic of bad bets. 

Do you have anything that you’ve bet like high risks one or high multiplier but managed to put in a wrong side or what’s the biggest bet ever you made in reds? 

Can you share that one? Well as for me just recently it was indeed green with zero bet with a 600x payout. That’s just a sad and a booo decision. Then some small bets 300-400k but that was like first quarter of last year(btc isn’t that high atm) don’t do those bets now here in pd. I tend to try with higher multipliers now with low bets. How about yours?


What’s your bad bet or how much did you lose in single bet?


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0.01 BTC a long ago, just as I started working for PD, the value was much less than now ofc ;) I don't remember the settings or anything, it was a dinner bet for bet, Micro made me roll it, lol, then he had to take Vlada and me to dinner cause we were poor :D :D:D

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luckily "only" .55 ltc not so long ago. was my first bet after depositing to recover some losses.

I was about to leave the house when it cleared in my account and just wanted to make a quick safe buck on 1.1x ...

I clicked max  and hit yet another red.

instant rage shut down the machine and didnt open it again for two days i think,

because totaling -2 ltc was way too much loss for me.

(still no cash only some coins :P)


if i had lost my highest recover bet on 1.1x , i would have probably smashed something or broken my hand punching the wall.

(dont bet 1500 euros to chase a loss when u can not afford to lose it all ... and if u have to,  DONT MAX BET ! ) [shoutout to blabbro]

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0.04-0.05btc, probably a few times- a lot of LTC too, I won't guess- - probably 0.2+.  Ahh.
These sorts of loss have made me reconsider betting strategies.  I'm wont to think that the autobet function is the smarter way to bet on anything over 5x - it is quite a hassle to enter new bets in via keyboard, and 2x each bet is not exactly ideal in all situations, and often I find myself betting more than I should. :/

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