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Would you go all in with Hand AK suited?

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Everything in poker depends on the situation you're.

I would go all in with AKs but even offsuit if I have around 10-15 Big Blinds stack without thinking too much, otherwise there should be many things to considerate.

Think just that between suited and unsuited there is a 2% difference in equity and AK plays well with all of the unpaired cards (~60% or more equity) and pretty much even against pairs (50/50). It's just really bad against KK (~30%) and AA (<20%).

So, if you are early stage in a tournament or you're playing cash game with a big stack I wouldn't recommend you to go all in with AK.



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I played something like that, all in with ak or higher.  It's all how you treat your bankroll.  If you have a thousand bucks and playing with one dollar live tables, you can go all in with whatever you want.  Pair or better, etc.  The relaxed stakes might even help with overcoming rake, since you have lots of chances to overcome bad variance.

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This is what i have learned so far from playing with it:

A-K is a tricky hand, in that the range playing back at it is very wide in its statistical strength.

It's much more difficult to know where you stand with A-K than with many other hands. There is no worse spot to be in than not knowing whether hitting the flop will be a good or bad thing.

Because A-K is a drawing hand (meaning it needs to hit the board in some way to be more than just ace-high), many players believe it's best played in pots with multiple players. Since it has to hit to be good anyway, they feel it's desirable to get as much money in the pot as they can.

Source: https://www.pokerlistings.com/strategy/beginner/aceking-part-1-the-best-drawing-hand

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