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Ucrypto.Net Special Offer - Earn Extra ETH Mining With Us

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We are happy to offer you extra rewards for mining with us: 
1. $20,000 bonus for 100 Gh paid out during 6 months is awarded to everyone mining Ethereum. You can participate even if you have less hashrate by earning a proportional size of the bonus.
2. 50% of the monthly bonus is paid out every day, the rest 50% - in the end of the month after the final calculation of total submitted shares divided by 30.5 days.
3. Your daily bonuses are calculated based on expectation of 95% uptime.

Register with our Bonus Program and get your reward right now by just sending your Ethereum wallet address to: bonus@ucrypto.net or contact our support team on uCrypto.net ;)

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On 08/06/2018 at 19:48, Kate said:

Thanks for the info but can you guide me I am lost. Never done like pool mining only solo mining in my rig gonna try doing pool mining with quater of the equipment in my rig. Also lets see if its profitable than solo mining xD

Sure. Not a problem, we will guide you.  Our 24/7 Support team is always ready to help you:) 

First of all, let's register with our Bonus Program. Go through this link https://ucrypto.net/special-offer-earn-extra-eth-mining-with-us/ , fill in your e-mail address and click on the button REGISTER. After that our support manager will sent you the message with the next steps to finish the registration and receive your bonuses.

Good luck.

We are waiting for you on our pool;)

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