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If you had 100 BTC

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The number of different industries I have plans to enter must be around 10, and if I thought about it for a minute it might be 20. ;D With ~750kUSD the first step to securing stability is to generate a steady passive income, and stop spending directly from your bank. 
To start, if I had to fantasize a scenario where I'm stinkin' rich --  I'd buy up a lot of Crownland, do some prospecting, excavating, land clearing- followed by development of infrastructure & agriculture. ...and the commissioning of a research & development wing. 😜   

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Hello . I would tip my  friends i like here  like 0,69069 btc (some more some less) ,  To people  were nice to me   .  

Rain like  few Bitcoins . cashout 69.69 btc  ,  invest 20btc in mining. keep about 4btc to gamble . i would deppo to stake like 1btc and destroy it  . and to other site too. *revenge., good luck

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