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1st day .1 LTC bust :(

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My Golden Rules for Casino

1. Do Not Gamble All Your Winnings. This is one mistake that majority of gambling rookies make. Once someone hits the jackpot, they feel so psyched up, and they place more bets. The problem of using this cash to wager is that you may lose all of it. Once you start playing games, and you make small losses or even significant ones, you will feel the urge to play even more to recover the damages. 

2. Take Breaks In Between. Playing continuously for hours can have a toll on you. Your mind becomes exhausted; therefore, you cannot make any sensible decisions. Once you feel that you are nearing this area, pause the game and give yourself a break.

3. Be sure to use an individual strategy. It will help control the bankroll, eliminate large losses.


Good luck to you. Do not despair. I am sure that your big victories are still ahead.

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So sad and sorry to hear that. No matter if you're in your first day, nothing to do with that. Strategy, luck, and house edge plays the role here. Even investment sites have some risks, so gambling is totally very risky. Like everyone said... throw your money that you afford to lose in gambling.

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Hello @legaspir36, how is it going so far? Are you still active at Primedice? If not have you left due to your loses?

If you need some advices always check Primedice strategic's topic section, im sure you will find some more stuff there that will help you alot.

Anyway waiting your reply to see how you going and if you need some good tips (advices  ;) )

Good luck and have fun if you are still amoung this Community

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