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Cavaliers 'robbed' after Warriors win Game 1 in NBA Finals

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Cavaliers  'robbed' after Warriors win Game 1 in NBA Finals

CLEARLY THE GAMES WAS DECIDED BY THE REFEREES! In the replays, 1. Nance was clearly shoved by Durant but no foul was called resulting a 2 point for GSW. 2. Lebron was clearly fouled by Durant when he made a 15 foot shoot resulting 2 points by GSW in the ensuing play. 3. Now the controversial offensive foul called against Durant but reversed by the referees after the replay. Clearly Lebron has established position when Durant ram on him. The big question is can a foul already called can be reversed after the replay? The replay was made precisely if Lebron is within the restricted area and not if it is an offensive foul or blocking foul. If this is allowed, they should also allow a replay/review for every fouls made within the last 2 minutes of the final quarter if there is indeed a foul. If there is no foul in the replay, they should also reverse the call. Because of referees' favoring the GSW there was an extension

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