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Expectations - BTC Price This June 2018 ↕️↕️↕️

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Hello Rollers and Rolletes!

As we do this every new month, let's again have our speculations on BTC's price and how it will move this June 2018.

It has been a roller coaster month for Bitcoin. (As always, most of the time. 😅) As it already touched $9.4k, and then now went down to $7.5k.

A lot of us predicted that it could reach $10k on May, but unfortunately, it didn't.

What do you guys think for this month? Will BTC breaks out of its shell and boost itself up, or will it again stoop down to a much lower level?

My prediction is it will now touch $10k mark this June. 👌💰

Don't hesitate to drop your comments below!

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It's interesting to argue, but in my opinion bitcoin will stay where between 6000-9000 $, because this is unlikely to take off (but it's possible), and is unlikely to fall.
But I would like bitcoin to grow, and with it my luck on the PD ^_^

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