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A good Gambling site i Like. 420sats faucet for me.

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So Its a good site right now i have 420sats faucet /25k ltc 17times a day

Just becouse i  opened site for 90 days

. Yesterday i went to 100k from faucet today to 10k like 3 times .   

first level Gives you 150 sats/OtherCrypto.

if you Come to site for 30days ...

Wagger 0.5btc   ... 

Invest 0.05 .... 

get  0.001btc ref commision ...

800 messages .   .... 

Your faucet goes up value , Amount of times Availanble a day  there is 35 levels With maximum of 6150 sats Faucet 60 times a day.

 Each thing Gives you a Level


Level    Faucet amount (BTC)

 0     0.00000150          10 times   A day

 1    0.00000360           12   times A day

 2    0.00000420          17 times a day

 3     0.00000480        18 times a day

 4    0.00000540         19 times a day

 5    0.00000630          20 times a day

.....      ....    ... 

It goes Up for each thing  and   increases amount of times  Faucet used.

Roulette  Blackjack Dice Plinko Gamemodes.

I would apreciate if You would use My Refferal code  :


Clean Link :


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