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📢 Be the owner of Primedice for a day!

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Be the owner of Primedice for a day!

Be the Owner of PD - 5th anniversary.png

Quick question, have you ever wanted to own a Casino? Primedice is willing to give you that very chance!

We will be running a birthday exclusive promotion sharing our daily profits during the 27th of May with the players who achieve the "most wagered" on the daily hall of fame.

The top 10 players will receive the following percentage of our expected profit for the day:

  • 1st place - 30%
  • 2nd place - 20%
  • 3rd place - 15%
  • 4th place - 8%
  • 5th place - 7%
  • 6th place - 6%
  • 7th place - 5%
  • 8th place - 4%
  • 9th place - 3%
  • 10th place - 2%

* The value of the prize pool will be 0.6% of the total wager amount for the day.

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