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What’s your highest all in bets?

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If I can recall it correctly, I remember when I'm doing all in on my balance and it was 0.01 bitcoin with a rate of $5500. It was hard to remembering because it was red or loss. 😅. Well, after that happened, I never all in because it was a dumbness ever things that you do, and you can't enjoy how fun is gambling does! 

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My highest all in dicE was around 0.2 quite a few years back on another site and prolly 0.1 here on pd ... I wager mostly in sports and i have wagered 15000 $ on a match all in .... Needless to saw the match lost but i managed to cash out at 9k$ ...  But he who has the bigger balls has the outcome of a bigger win too ... surely Bankroll management is a thing we all need to learn .. but we're all dunked in greed and lust for the glamorous

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6 hours ago, JohnTravel said:

I have had many emotions this week and I am still kind of thrilled by the results. 😍

My biggest win in a single bet was 0.05 btc. Today I got another bet of 0.02 btc. Cheers!

Congrats on the 0.02btc win today, its funny how some players find it difficult to 2x their deposit, am one of them, i will deposit and roll 3hours without being able to double my initial deposit


On 24/03/2019 at 01:44, MrNice23 said:

As far as i remember it ws around 0.01 btc , i don't like to allin in general , only when i'm desperate.

Desperate time calls for desperate moment. Most of us all in when we hit too many red in between rolls

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