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What’s your highest all in bets?

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Hello Primedicers and friends! 


How’s the rolling so far? 

I saw many people doing some great bets from small bet with high multipliers and risky high bets with low multiplier. 

Other people when they get pissed they actually tend to do “ALL IN”. I am sure you guys and gals experience doing some all-in bets. 

So, I wanna know what’s your highest amount of all-in bet, how did it turned out for you?


share your experience here! 

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my highest all in bet on PD was 0.064btc minimum bet amount was 0.008btc on under 88, so i was trying to recover the 0.008btc lose, so i all in my balance and boom red :( i still another one of 0.025btc somewhere on strategy feature on 1.5x and it was a red also, i guess Yolo bet isn't my thing

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