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Messages Section - "X" or Close Option

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Hello Rollers and Rolletes! 😃

I just found this a little difficult. I mean, when you check on your inbox for PMs. Once you're done, there's no way you can get back to where you were.

Example. When you're on chat, then someone sends a message. You have to close out chat, and be on the page where you roll. Then go to settings, then messages. Now, after reading your message, there's no close or "X" button. You have to go to settings again, choose any option, then close it out before you get to the Rolling page and get back to chat.

Well, the private messaging inbox was a great add on. I just noticed a little improvement that can be added for the convenience of many.

Have a great day everyone! 👌


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13 minutes ago, Serlite said:

I agree with this! Another workaround is to click on the PD logo, since that brings you back to the main page.

But having a clearer, more intuitive way to close the private messaging section would be much better!

Exactly @Serlite. ✔

Well, I think that would be an easy fix for devs. Just one code for that close button, and voila! 👌

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5 minutes ago, wilburwilbur said:

Lol i thought is just bugged. So i use my back button to exit messages

Yea. At first I thought the same.

I was also using the back button on my phone. Yea, it closes out the messages but doesnt bring me to where I wanna be. 😢

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