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Vento Lin

Does life exist outside of PD?

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some of you have one, some of you heard about it....

They used to call it "Real Life"

Im starting this topic to collect some funny ideas what RL means to you... feel free to join and tell us your description about RL :)

nuff said...... so i will make the start


<<RL is where the pizza guy comes from>> :)


as usual: if you find a typo you can keep it :p

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Posted (edited)
45 minutes ago, CaptainLorca said:

Oh man. I could really use a quicksafe and quickload on my life... really..

im still searching one of my savegames from 35 years ago..... i mean savelifes


RL is where losing a friend is much harder than online



this is going too deep now... anyone have a funny meaning maybe?

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adding minds

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