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Fauceting some Litecoin to play them on Primedice

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Yo, since that today LTC was officially added as a new crypto to play with on our favorite dice casino , maybe it can be a nice move to make some balance on faucets and play them here to multiply them (or at least try).

There is a list with some of the faucets I used in the past and that I know are still paying today.

1. Moonlitecoin http://moonliteco.in/?ref=3ee5745927d0

Classic one. You'll not be able to make tons of LTC there but it's a stable and always paying faucet. Not a lot of risks to claim for nothing. Easy 25.000 litoshis a day once you'll reach the max loyalty bonus.

2. Crypto Mining Game  https://cryptomininggame.com/?ref=af65afa1cf66

If you can hassle your way up to 600-700 Hpower it's start to be interresting and at 1000 Hpower you can probably claim 0.05 LTC each month with minimal time on it. More details : 

3. Freebitcoin.win http://freebitcoin.win/ref/160626

You'll can claim between 400 and 600 litoshis up to 85-90 times a day (classic faucet + daily bonus ones). That will be around 50.000 litoshis, but you'll have to work on captchas for that. (but you also can claim their other coins).

4. LitecoinFaucet http://litecoinfaucet.info/ref/LgwbfNKvmQu4RdtntQBzksVY7aMrijVAfZ

A classic faucet where you can claim once a hour : 150 litoshis (30% chance) 200 (65%) 500 (3%) 1000 (1.9%) 5000 (0.099%) 1000000 (0.001%) 


Non-ref links :





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