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A world without money

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Allright fellas. This is a topic that is running through my head for a really long time. I even brought it to chat recently.

Important: Please only participate on this topic and discussion if you fully read my text and kind of understand the basics. This is highly controversial, politic, ethic and philosophical. Don't ruin it, thats the only thing I'm asking you for!

Focus on the text, accept what I say, even imagine it. Thats necessary!

I want to take you on a journey...

In our modern world we life, walk, work and even dream. But everything is related to the fact that money rules you. Money defines who you are and what kind of privileges you get. The middle-class/working class/most of you work for a living. Literally. You get up everyday in the morning, do a "9 to 5" job. Some of us even get enough money to life and buy some cool stuff or going to a restaurant more than one time in a month.

We accept that fact, because we work hard to do so. But there are also people who can't work or are unemployed. They have no opportunity on spending money on stuff you just don't need. But there are also wealthy people. They will also have the best food and drinks. Are healthy to the end. Have nice and expensive vacations with everything you can imagine. Not just two weeks with limited money. 

Some of us will never achieve such a status. You get born into one of these three classes and have a tough time to become more. Usually you just do the same as your parents did. The middle-class will never really worry about it. Never complain that a wealthy person probably have no limitations on anything. Because with money you can buy everything. The middle-class dreams of being wealthy. No worries about the next month or even day. Not keeping an eye on the cost of a product in the grocery store.

The lower-class has some more trouble. I'm in it right now. I'm not struggling to survive. I get some decent money bc I had a job that gave me a good income and I have a social system that catches me. But thats not the case in every nation of our 196 nations in the world. Even here low-class means you are worth not a cent. These are the ones who have to compare every price (doesn't matter if its just two cents). These are the ones who don't know if they're able to bring food to the table or able to pay the rent next month.

This is the world we life in. This is in what we believe. This is good enough.

Theres another thing about our so beloved system. Capitalism knows only one way: Upwards. It will climb this way like there is no end. But in fact: Theres is an end. Thats when a financial depression kicks in. When nothing is worth anything. We had this several times in the past 100 years. We produce more than we need, because some people of the earths population want to get more and more and more money on the shoulders of the working class.

Which leads to one point: In this world on class carries the other and is also depending on it. The wealthy need the working class to sustain the wealth. Then there is the middle-class.. they don't want to lose their status. To do so, they need the low-class, that will almost do every shitty job that there is.


Allright. Enough of that. Lets get to the part of a world without money.

I think that the four words "a world without money" sets off some strange thoughts in anyone of you. Some cannot imagine it. Due to politics, due to the world we know. For this I'd like to add a quote from Matrix:


"The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you're inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inert, so hopelessly dependent on the system that they will fight to protect it."

Think about this quote.. aren't we doing exactly that? Protecting our ruling system without any doubt and without even questioning why we should? Well.. another interesting quote from the movie fight club (thanks to blablubb reminding me of it):


Man, I see in fight club the strongest and smartest men who've ever lived. I see all this potential, and I see squandering. God damn it, an entire generation pumping gas, waiting tables; slaves with white collars. Advertising has us chasing cars and clothes, working jobs we hate so we can buy shit we don't need. We're the middle children of history, man. No purpose or place. We have no Great War. No Great Depression. Our Great War's a spiritual war... our Great Depression is our lives. We've all been raised on television to believe that one day we'd all be millionaires, and movie gods, and rock stars. But we won't. And we're slowly learning that fact. And we're very, very pissed off.

What if.. that all wouldn't be necessary, because our system is totally fair? Making us full equal and not just a member of a species that got lucky in some point of evolution?

That for I will go on with an example to make you understand how a world without money would work:

Imagine a poor country. So called "Third world". The people there are poor, we know that. So there is one guy who got some goats. To survive this harsh surrounding, he sells milk from the goats.

This works perfectly fine for him. Even make him some kind of wealthy for their standards. Thats good for him. Thats good for the nation somehow. But right now we see, that its the same model we life in... with the exception that some of us are living in a gifted first world. There comes the trouble:

So a businessman of an imaginary country of your choosing has a company that has some knowledge of creating milkpowder. Just add some water and you got some shitty milk, that could be good enough for some people. So this businessman decides to expand. He wants more money. So he starts to look for an easy target and he finds it. In a nation that he never heard of, never been to and never will be there. 

Bad thing for our Goatman. The businessman starts to sell the cheap milkpowder in the Goatmans region. Very fast all the people in that small village of that Goatman understand that this milkpowder is more affordable and start to buy that instead of the regional product from the Goatman. The Goatman is in trouble now.

Well kiddos.. this is a true story. A European-Businessman started to sell milkpowder in an African nation and destroyed literally everyone who sold milk for a living.

Now you might say: Well.. if the businessman can do that, its his right. Yes. Its his damn right, there is nothing to discuss about it.

The Businessman will go on vacation, have nice dinners, beautiful women (or men, who knows right?) around him. Never worry about getting anything he wants.
The poor Goatman could only dream of it, even when he could sell his milk.

So lets come to the tasty part. What if the world wasn't about money? How would this story look like?

Money makes us doing one thing: Ignorant and always "me FIRST!".

So. We still have our Goatman.. gifting people with free milk. Because there is no need to have money.

We still have our businessman who works with milkpowder. So the businessman sees that harsh situation in that poor nation and thinks "lets help them" (thats what he probably had also in mind, but he wouldn't do it without winning anything). The businessman starts to bring the milkpowder down there. The Goatmen then has nothing to do suddenly. Well here comes the thinking part:

There is a businessman that cares about people in a nation he never heard of, never been to and so on. Selfless. Because he don't need to make money, because there is none. He helps those people without putting a threat to someone who lives from people not doing exactly that. 

Okay. The Goatman got nothing to do, then just caring about his lovely and some kind of funny and cute little Goats. But he dreams. He even is very smart. He decides to leave for good and study. For free. So he does that and soon will become an engineer with a doctor-degree. He starts to use his knowledge, to probably help people on the other site of the world, without getting anything from it. Because there is no money.

So what is the conclusion of all this?

In a world where is no money. No benefit being someone having much of something. Everyone becomes equal. Everyone could go on vacation. Everyone could become what he ever dreamt of. You can do what you want.

For some its just opening a bar. For someone else maybe just a Goatfarmer. Some are dedicating themselves to the human species and do something for the progress. May it be baking bread for everyone or developing new technology EVERYONE can profit of. 

In a world where money doesn't define you, you can really do what you love and want. Because you don't have to worry about anything. The whole population on earth is self supporting. If one region runs out of bread.. no problem. Another region takes in and covers that without expecting any form of value for it. 

Actually no one would have to worry, because we got everything. And we can focus on our progress and real problems. United as one big nation. Borders would become obsolete because there wouldn't be any competition any longer.

Some of you might say "people will always start to fight and such". Yes, humans are emotional, someone will always break the nose of somebody else. But if there is no border or something, there is no need to rage war against each other, because its not about being better as the other one.


But in the end we still have to wonder... why don't we just make it so? Its hard. Thats not the world we are living in. Thats not a world everyone can imagine. To get to this point there might be a need of a "hardreset" or event that makes us unite and focus on more important things than money.

But I leave this rest out for discussion. I'd like to talk with you about this whole topic. If you've read so far, you know what I'm talking about and you know what I'm expecting. Thanks for reading anyway :)❤️

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4 minutes ago, Noeprellik1 said:

World without money :

- lot of stress would dissapear

- we will spend time more with family

- there will be no war


No diseases. We could focus on curing people instead of making money keeping them some kind of ill and so much more. When its not about winning, so many stuff wouldn't be a problem so fast.

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I agree about the fact lots of things would improve without money : less stress, less jealousy, more "real" interactions (i will do that for you and you give me that), more people will do a work they are good and love to do instead of a paycheck one, less ressources will be used to make the money people need to buy ressources, things will be less global and more local, ...

But I don't believe it will stop war & co. The monetary reason will just be replace by something else like to have the power over others. This is inherent to humans, they want to be better/stronger than others. Wars and fights existed way before money.

Same with the family time. Back in the days people tend to go to work in the fields, mines, hunting or so on and spend all day long to work, seeing only their family few moments a day. That wasn't rare that mans where not with their family for days, weeks or months. Actually I believe we can spend more time with our family nowadays ... but we spend that time in devices (smartphones, computers, television, ...), going out with friends, ... instead of being present with our relatives (back in the days they don't have a lot to do except staying home with the fam). So it's mostly a choice people don't make today, in most of the countries the number of hours you can work a week is limited, in early ages you worked as much as you can.

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That’s some nice input. Thanks @Kargai. I even counted on you :D!

a money free world would mean that no one needs power over everyone. Targeting what’s important and work as one.

you need to think like.. that there is no Rich or poor. Everyone can have the same things as anybody else.

by the world we know by now, we are working to sustain ourselves. To survive. 

But in a world where is no need for borders or power over someone, everyone would just do their part for the greater good. Which means: if you feel you should own a pub to bring entertainment for people. That’s your part. Other ones are there to support you doing that.

if you‘re not working in a bakery to bring food to everyone.. well Maybe you are working on space related things.

at the point now, this is impossible. We have the understanding that we need to survive and that causes a (a german saying) elbow society. You want to be better than everyone else. Because you HAVE to, to survive. If everyone would do their part to help everybody you would also do your part to support yourself also. But maybe on something that maybe doesn’t affect you so much in your personal life.

i hope i could explain it a little more clearer :D

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That's where I believe you are wrong. There is lot of reasons for people to want to have power over others, not only for money. 

You can't expect every human being happy to be at the same level as others. There will be always someone who will want the ressources of someone else. You just can't split everything equally between all. You can't expect that no one will want to be more recognized in the community than another. You can't share the sun equally, the water equally, the coast equally, ... some fruits or vegetables can't grow everywhere. That's not even happening in other animals, there is always someone to lead the pack, etc.

Even in the neanderthal era there was different level of power, people who have the best food, people who fight other to have a girl or a place to stay, etc and they have no monetary system, no society or example to live by, ... they were "natural" withtout any knowledge about rich/poor, social classes, power, ... they had more powerful ones because that's the nature of things. Even animals who don't think have the rule of "the strongest survive" and by default that make different power level between them (female will go with the strongest, strongest will eat first, ...)


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Well being the strongest is a natural thing in our evolution. Hope that doesn’t sound too arrogant, but we are really smart and should leave this behind.

thinking of being or becoming strong is our state of mind, bc we never learned or even tried a different way.

fact is that we cause with this behavior more problems than actual solutions. Which leads to a really special thinking: Me.

its not about us, it’s always me first. But we need to get in our mind that our real power is hidden in pure unity and a common goal or target. 

Right now we get nothing from treating everyone equal. We get not really a lot of money from those acts. But we need that money.

thats why I mentioned that some event or hardreset needs to take place. Like a „wake up call“. To change our thinking. 

To reach such a goal is a task that sounds not reachable, since we‘re almost 8 billions people on this globe.

but we have examples for such uniting. Our space program. We have different institutes.. NASA, ESA and what not. Of course governments goal is to be the first. But we do actually see institutes and agency’s working together on a less political way. Achieving a goal that offers knowledge to the whole world and not just one nation.

bring that to the level of medicine, food, living and so on. I still doubt it’s reachable at the current state. But it should be our goal to make progress as one kind and we‘re nothing more than it. One kind, but behaving like we‘re not.

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the world without money is really very interesting, because in this world there will be no division and damage to natural resources.
- all countries live in harmony
- no commotion
-If you want to have something enough to do a barter exchange
- all people will try to respect each other
- there won't be arrogant people
- There will be no air pollution because cars and motorcycles will be very rare
-no power struggle
-There will be no trade feud because everything is done by barter
- there will be no hunting of animals, because no one will want to search without being rewarded with money.

quite my opinion, if anyone wants to add please.

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14 hours ago, nolep said:

- there will be no hunting of animals, because no one will want to search without being rewarded with money.


They still would. You don't get rewarded with money, thats right. But you get rewarded that you have access to everything and don't have to pay for it. Its about doing your part to sustain the society and enjoying the benefits from it.

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36 minutes ago, CaptainLorca said:

Mereka masih akan melakukannya. Anda tidak mendapatkan imbalan dengan uang, itu benar. Tetapi Anda mendapatkan imbalan bahwa Anda memiliki akses ke segalanya dan tidak harus membayar untuk itu. Ini tentang melakukan bagian Anda untuk mempertahankan masyarakat dan menikmati manfaat darinya.

yes they still do it, but unlike when hunting until there are some animals really extinct. and will no longer exist in this world.

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