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If you want to win big!

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If you want to win BIG, then play with BIG bet.

But wait! There's more!

Its not just how you think it goes. Here's my newly discovered theory of winning BIG.

FIRST: Have a capital of not less than 100k Satoshi.

  • You can go to Automated Betting or just do it manually.
  • Be ready that this full amount might be used until the target was aimed.

SECOND: Do this settings:

  • Bet Amount: 250 
  • Payout: 4040x
  • Win Chance: 0.03%

You have 400 chances of clicking to win 0.0101BTC

If you're in doubt of this, use:

  • Bet Amount: 125
  • Payout: 4040x
  • Win Chance: 0.03%

With this, you'll have 800 chances of clicking to win 0.00505BTC

Mind you that you have to be wise to choose from which side you think the dice will roll.


You can roll under 0.03 or roll over 99.96

4040x is the HIGHEST multiplier you should use when these targets. 

(note #1: if you want to aim for under 0.02 or over 99.98, the highest multiplier you should use is 6387x)

(note #2: if you want to aim for under 0.01 or over 99.99, the highest multiplier you should use is 9900x)


Seven blessings to us all!

~ k8k8k8

(again, this is only my theory. i'll come back after i got this proven by me myself)

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I'd like to point out that 6387x is not a payout you can choose, the two highest payouts are 4950x and 9900x, also you can't roll over 99.99 as 99.99 is the highest possible roll you can have, being 9900x payout. But other than that this is a possible strat you can use to hit a huge win.

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On 29/07/2018 at 00:09, bigbrankx said:

Anyone tried this? Any negative or positive rates?

Every strategy is going to fail in the long run because of the house edge. There is no strategy that can make you win every bet. You need to stop while on a green streak and cash out before you get your balance wiped off.

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