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Letbet Airdrop (~$90)

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LetBet is an online gambling platform that aims at providing a trustless, borderless, secure, anonymous and fast online gambling platform with zero fee, seamlessly for all participants in a typical online gambling system powered by the LBT blockchain. The Letbet ICO has finished and they're having a giveaway/post-ICO Airdrop. The Airdrop starts on Thursday, May 3rd at 10 a.m GMT. It will last only 5 days (until May 8th at 10 a.m GMT). The value of the airdrop is ~$90. I participated in their last airdrop which was ~$15 and it was legit.

1. Create a new account on the website. You cannot use an existing Let.bet account to join this Airdrop.
Link: https://ico.let.bet/register?affiliate=357430  Clean Link: https://ico.let.bet/register/
2. Verify your new Let.bet account.
3. Join the Let.bet Telegram group letbet_airdrop https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@letbet_airdrop
4. Send private message to @letbetbot https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=@LetBetBot enter the command 'airdrop' (without punctuation marks),
5. Enter your email and your LBT wallet address (from your Letbet account)
6. If your info is valid, you will receive 100 LBT in your LBT wallet at the end of the airdrop time (May 8th at 10 a.m GMT).




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