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Practice and hone crypto trading skills with Altcoin Fantasy without risking hard-earned savings! Start with $100,000 virtual cash. Buy and sell any coins (API data provided by the folks at coinmarketcap), and win real cryptocurrencies. Trade as little or as much as you want (coins must be held 30 minutes, I think) during each contest period (1 week). The top performers win real crypto - lesser prizes are also often awarded to the worst traders of the week, and some random prizes as well.

In addition to fantasy trading, they also hold a weekly raffle to try and guess what the price of bitcoin will be at a future date. This week, the closest 10 guesses to the actual amount (in USD) will win $10 in Tune Token.

The site is completely free to play and really does pay out. Resulting from growing popularity, its had sponsored events with larger prizes. This week (ACF #24), they have teamed up with Tune Token. Here is the prize structure in Tune Tokens: 1st $80.00, 2nd $60.00, 3rd $40.00, 4th $25.00, 5th - 10th $20.00, 11th - 15th $20.00, 16th - 25th $20.00.

This week there will also be 50 random winners of $10 USD in Bitcoin provided that they:
1. like and share Tune Token on Facebook
2.Join their Telegram group (https://t.me/RecordgramICO)
3. Download the iOS app and write a review on the app store and then fill out the user giveaway form.

Link:  https://altcoinfantasy.com?r=xMossx

Clean: https://altcoinfantasy.com

I was one of the randomly selected winners in the previous contest (ACF #23). Below is the payment they sent me on Coinbase.


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