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What do you think about PD5?

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It's aiite - -- I'm of the opinion that if "it works, don't fix it" but this is someone else's property (including these words, lol) I do miss the night/day function, although the color schema now is more akin to the night, which I used anyway. I encounter an error often when using an apostrophe. For example : "I'm" is displayed as "i'm", and I much prefer to use proper punctuation, if at all possible, but I despise gross errors, and lack of clarity, lol

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On 27/04/2018 at 11:13, Noeprellik1 said:

Max button is the only my main concern, since they add feature to disabled it PD5 is cool then

This exists :) Check the toggle max bet button below the gambling interface.

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26 minutes ago, CdPrimeDice said:

PD5 very cool but have little lags pleas correct it lag admin))))) thanks guys and good luck


Just now, lolong1212 said:

Actually i like pd4  than pd5, so many bugs  and lags now.

You all seem to be talking a lot about "Laggy" site while I dont see much of a lag. Lagging was there when PD5 came out first but now it has improved. Still if you dont describe the situation then admins cant work on the bugs if any. Just crying out lag lag wont help them much.

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