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My Technic 990x to have easy profit - Faucet to 700k

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Hi, sweeties
How are you all? I hope that u are fine
I want to share a technic here,i hope  will help some users, specially new users or poor users (LIKE ME xD), that cant deposite so many times and like to have some profit  while chatting with friends on PD.

My technic dont need any deposite

You only need a lil patience

You can use the faucet, mine now its 300 satoshis



First: you will set a new seed, Its more easy to control when some number appears
Go on tab More>Fairness> Rerandomize( change cliente seed)

2th: After this, we can start, use your balance or the faucet

Set the bet amount, everytime start with 1 satoshi
Payout: 990x


 And now the "ace in the hole"

You will write STOP on Win > increase by:
( its not necessary write the word SOP, u can write something that u want, this will make the autobetting stop when you win, cause will to be iINVALID AMOUNT , its not possible the autobetting add the bet with letters)




Ok, Fabi, and now? Whats happening?

Now, my dear, u will need wait til you hit ( OR NOT)

1 satoshi  will pay 1k back to you, if you want u can send to your bank account. ( I DO THIS EVERYTIME)

Write in some paper the number of nonce and the roll number so you can control when you hit the >99.89

So start again


But Fabi, i lose with these 500 bets and now?

Now ,my honey, its your lucky

You will continue to bet but now you will set 2 satoshis for 100 rolls

2 satoshis wil pay 2k back


when your autobetting stop with these 100 rolls, you will  bet more 100 rolls with 3 satoshis

and keep going \:D/

 i can make a good money to me with this strategy

u only need be patience, i like to work while autobetting its currentor chat with friends on PD

How many loses you have, more money you win at end

 today  i have 19k profit (see the image)  i like to send to bank, but i send a tip back to print all my weekly profit to show u all

i hit one time today, starting with 1 satoshi, 

this is mine withdrawals: i dont play the last days, cuz  i was offline  days ago because my internet came like smoke sign (BRAZIL THINGS)


 Ahhh and the mostly cool thing about this technic its : if you see the the number 99,99 dont appears and you want it , you can use the same technic and start chasing the 9900x, cuz you will know that the number dont appears til now yet :D


Good Luck, ppl 
If you like Upvote me Pls

If you have a same technic or something to add, share with us, i will apreciatte <3



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7 hours ago, Noeprellik1 said:

I got 3200 red streaks in new seed for 990x , still no green for >99.89


But i remembered it hit UNDER < 0.1 twice

What is the most red streaks You experienced in 990x @fabianabank

i had 4k reds streaks, but i win 300k when i hit, i was betting 300 satoshis.
How much u are betting with these 3,2k reds??

Gl, dont give up now :) @lolong1212

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On 07/04/2018 at 18:35, Noeprellik1 said:

Never green for 990x untill now , Lol

Hit 99.84 at nonce 3241

i hope that u hit soon, Good Lucky, normally appears in 1k bets or less. keep going

On 07/04/2018 at 04:08, lolong1212 said:

thanks for the tip

you r welcome

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