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eSports Tournament - $100,000 Crypto Prize Pool!

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So for the first time ever, an eSport tournament organized by play2live will begin later this month. Seems like a regular tournament, but the prize pool of $100,000 will be paid to the winners in cryptocurrency!

Unanswered questions

1. How will this affect the eSports scene?

2. How will this affect cryptocurrency as a part of eSports and our daily lives?

3. Will Edward sponsor/host his own eSports tournament?

Rough guesses

1. Maybe we'll see more tournaments having cryptocurrency as their prize pool.

2. Well, we all know that crytocurrency has risen in fame amongst people in all different lifestyles.

3. Maybe he will, or he won't. I'd say it's a good marketing strategy. We all see minor companies rise due to eSports. i.e. Hellcase, CS.money, Etc.


Comment up your interesting answers/guesses. It's really interesting to see cryptos take a big part in eSports, and maybe sports in the future.

Personally, as a semi-professional CS:GO player, me and my team look forward to more events like this, local and international events alike.

Tournament Host : Play2Live

Game : Counter Strike : Global Offensive

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