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Recovering my account

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Greetings people of Primedice!

I have been a user since June 2016, I have been a regular player during the first year and lie-lowed. I just learned about PD being down today so I tried to get into my account. It told me to contact support and asked me to provide information like my ISP IP etc etc.

The chat support rep name is "Katarina", and I know she didn't mean to give me more trouble than necessary. Asked me for PD's deposit address, I wasn't able to provide. I told her all I can remember with my account. Whom I exchanged tips with, I gave her names.

Out of curiosity, I tried logging in to my forum.primedice.com account and I was surprised I got in. I told Katarina but I think it didn't do anything. She asked me to send an email from the address linked with my PD account to support@primedice.com, I told her I am not sure, then I received a system generated mail from PD,(screenshot) http://prntscr.com/iq3cy5

So I sent an email from the one where I received the system mail, told Katarina, and she told me that wasn't the email. I'm like WTF, your system just sent me an email and youre telling me this email isn't the right one. So I sent another email using another address which I'm sure I did not use as it is my work/school email, and she said that it is the right one. 

Sorry if my story is confusing but I am totally confused to why this is happening, 

OffTopic :

Just a suggestion, don't just make security checks on PD, do it as well for forum.primedice.com as they are supposed to be linked.

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Hello! It's me again.


I am really sorry for all that thorough questioning, but all of the player who got the same message to contact the support had to go through the same process.

This is due to the recent security upgrade we decided to make. Please understand that we are doing this just for your accounts' and funds' security. That is the most important to us. I did and asked what I had to.

And regarding the emails, I have already explained about that, so you may read our conversation again just to check.

Once again, I apologize for the inconvenience.

If you have any questions or need some assistance, you may contact us on Live Support chat at any time.


Have a lovely night!


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jamyr,)) I have the same problem))with support

I created a second account for my father - Vas50

And after hackers attack  he couldn't log in to his account

we gave all available information about this account to support, but cant recover the account till now



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