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General Dropdown question

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Hey fellas!

As some of you heard, I'm learning and updating my coding knowledge. Whatever.. I'm on a simple question here:

Dropdown Menu CSS only, mixed jquery/css or full jquery?

Benefits of CSS:

Works in almost every browser and animations work with transition.

Benefits of jquery:

Jquery says enough :'D

Benefits of mix:

I dunno actually xD


I'm totally unsure.. if javascript is deactivated there is no back-up to call the menu.. maybe someone can enlighten me..

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CSS is easiest and has everything you ever need. It also doesn't have any dependencies and is supported in every browser.

Jquery has its perks but its unnecessary to use it in this case.

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Well.. then the question might be outdated in general mostly? A lot of stuff I could do with JQuery is easy to realize with CSS nowadays. But I'm bloody new to Jquery.

I came to jquery bc I'm also learning about Node.js. I want to make myself completely free from PHP and I dunno.. just feels like Node.js and Jquery would get along pretty good with each other.

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