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Weekend Count Contest - Multiple Prize Pools - March, 10th 2018

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What's up PD! So it's the weekend and I'm bored.... Who want to play a game? I don't have a ton of sats but figured I would sponsor a game and see what happens.


Count to 1,000 on this thread. Game ends 3/12/18 @4am EST.


1. You must post the NEXT number in order. No skipping. If you should post at the same time as another member just change yours to the next.

2. There MUST be at least 1 post in between your posts. No spamming more than one number at a time.

3. You may not play/post with alt accounts. 1 Account only please.

4. Users may win multiple prizes as long as the rest of the rules are followed.


Be the user to post the following numbers to win

100 = 1,000 Sats

200 = 2,000 Sats

420 = 4,420Sats

500 = 5,000 Sats

550 = 6,000 Sats

700 = 7,500 Sats

800 = 10,000 Sats

1000 = 20,000 Sats


BONUS: The player with the last highest number posted will win a bonus prize up the the total remaining prize pool ! So post even if you feel you're far from cashing a prize!


I will start it off. Good luck!




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