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[Lending] Athena2007 Loaning Service

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Bitcoin Lending Services

I am starting a Bitcoin lending service.

In order to see if you're qualified and if you can be approved for granting of a loan, you can contact me here or on Telegram (Click here):



P.S. New loans will be added as replies by me and also updated here on this first post.


Be careful of Impersonators. My accounts are "athena2007" and "sukanyabank" on Primedice, "athena2007" on forum and @athena2007 on telegram. These are the only accounts from which I will ever contact you for any trade. Rest all others pretending to be me are impersonators.

There have been such reports recently of people trying to impersonate trusted users here in order to scam others. Be careful with whom you are trading and double check everything before you send coins to any account.


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