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Setting Goals - Countering the ITCH

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Heya rollers and rolletes! 😊

Its been a while now. How are you guys?

I'm doing just ok. You know. Same, same old. πŸ˜‰

Well, I just wanted to share a good habit that I just applied to myself, and just realized that it works. πŸ˜‚πŸ€£

I'm talking about a habit when rolling that dice. πŸ’πŸ€

So, we usually roll, especially when we have huge budget as a bank roll, we do it like hell. I mean, big shots after another. Sometimes, we've already made a good profit, without even knowing it. Once seen, go to chat. Chit chat a little.. But eventually roll again after that. (Admit this, you do this most of thr time. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜†)

That kinda makes you prone to losing. Hightens the percentage that you will BUSTO for the day. After losing, you'll feel shitty. And eventually, makes you wanna deposit. Cycle continues. Ending, BUST.

I tried a routine. I've been testing this for a week now. Some of you might have seen me tipping my bank over and over, maybe 3 days ago. (I even got a warning for that. Sooorry poooo. Not spamming. 😁).

That day, I thought of setting a goal. That when reached, then I stop. That day, I already reached it, and still gone through it. Made my 350k triple, but still going to it. Until that session, I busted 1m in less than 2 minutes.

So today. I have formulated and must say perfected a routine for myself. To avoid that from happening again.

This is not new guys. But I just wanted to enumerate and organize this for all.


1. Setting Daily Goals.

- Set an amount as your daily goal. Having this should make you stop once reached. For example, if you have 20k on your balance, you can aim for 50% of that as profit, then stop. This might be applied for hourly or bi-hourly goals, but I prefer daily, since it lessens risks of rolling unnecessarily.

2. Bank the Earnings.

- It feels good to reach a target/goals. And when I do, I usually bank it on my Bank alt account. This way, you can save what you've worked for, and be motivated to hit your goals the next day.

3. Calculate Daily-Monthly-Weekly Profit.

- So having a daily goal and banking it is not the end story. Upon doing the first 2 steps, you have to gauge how much do you make by doing those steps. That way, you can adjust if needed, or even motivate yourself nore to hit your goals daily. Example, 20k bankroll. 10k daily goal. 10k multiplied by 7 equals 70k. So thats 70k profit plus bankroll, 90k goal by end of week. Multiplied by 4 weeks, so thats 360k goals by end of month.

4. Stop Once Accomplished.

- This is the itchy part. Most of us just cant get enough. Of course, who doesn't want to profit more than we expected or planned. But then again, this entitles you for a higher risk of losing it all. So once a goal is reached, bank, and might as well call it a day. Me, just chillin on chat and here on forums after reaching a daily goal. Which brings me to step 5.

5. Chill. Look for bonuses.

- So much like in computer games, we also have bonus stages. I mean, after reaching my goal, I just chill out. And while chilking out, I most like bump on to bonuses in the chat like bingos, roll hunts, trivias, HG.. Or sometimes just free stuff from rain! (Thank you PD M's and S's. 😘) That's extra that you can add to your bank roll to increase dsily goal amount, or just bank it too!πŸ΅πŸ’°πŸ’΅

There. So today, I started at 20k bank roll. Now its at 165k. I just wanted to have like a 20k profit for the day. But itched eventually. That's the time I felt like I need to stop, and write about this to help myself.. And possibly others to realize too. That setting small goals will lead to big profits in the future.

PS: This is also a matter of SELF DISCIPLINE. Self explanatory, I guess.

So, gyeah. I hope I was able to share something juicy today. Come on, let's have a goal. And not whine on chat daily that.. "I bust again.. I bust it all."


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21 minutes ago, CryptoDadlol said:

wow dude you pretty much stole my idea from stake and made it 1345% better. Well played sir. Well played. Can I copy my post form stake here you think it will add anything ? Yours pretty much isΒ the Bible at this point... lol

Sure brohams. Anything to help us all. I saw your post on Stake. And it will definitely make sense for everyone that will see it. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜Š

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This is definitely a very good advise... especially for those who just can't handle gambling.
I try to apply something similar to my game but never refined it like you did here.

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