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How do you cope with your inside world?

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How do you cope with things internally from external forces or factors? Sometimes, there is a part of ourselves that gets down or negative, which is completely fine and normal, but do you find that your mind can easily overcome the problems you are faced with, if not what are the way in which you cope when things get difficult in your life?

In relation to Bitcoin, especially since there are so many ups and downs, how do you deal with it? Does it affect your mental state, what are the ways in which you deal with the volatility of it all?


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I focus a lot on how my situation could be much worse, everything I have makes me privileged. I could be living in much worse parts of the country, weighing my life instead of getting mad over something small. I listen to a lot of music of people who talk about struggling in worse conditions and makes me realize how happy you should be. 

I guess it all comes down to perception of your situation. If you spend all your time looking at it from a privileged point of view you will think your problems suck, but from someone who is in worse conditions your problems are their dreams. 

As far as bitcoin I don't see downs as downs and ups as ups because I constantly am converting to USD, but when I do gain/lose money from price change I don't think much about it, usually it is no significant. 

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