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The Anime Game 🙅‍♂️🙅‍♀️

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Heya rollers and rolletes! 😉😊

Iys Valentine's day and I got nothing else to do but to sit here, watch nothing and do nothing. 🤣😂

So I feel like playing a simple game with who ever wants to play with me.

I would say everybody knows animé. I will eat my left thumb if somebody says that he or she doesnt know any animé character. 😬👍

So here's hoe the game works:

You just need to comment down an animé character plus from which animé series he or she or it is.

As the author of the game, I will start!

Vegeta - Dragon Ball Z

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L - Death Note

(*I love this one, it was my 1st and got me so hooked up and fast too; my friend knew what to recommend to capture my attention hardcore! And I love even Yagami, there is something about him... as well as all Shinigami that appeared, but L remains my favorite till today! I sit as L, I eat candies as much as L, I just wish I was as half as smart as L*) :D 



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