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California Sunshine LSD

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So i had been offered a drip of LSD , California sunshine ,

i took it at 6.30 pm and by 7.15 pm i started to very giggly and extremely how, i ave done mushrooms in the past but never LSD.

so i start giggling and then my eyes start playing up , a car break light was shinning through my glass door and i said to my friend , " it feels like a firework has been just set off and its in freeze frame mode right beside my face.

i then adopted a dungeons and dragons theme inn my trip and the prize was a female player that was very. I saw trolls and unicorns and harry potter shit and it was just crazy. It was like a marry-go-round of circus clowns with safari animals and a slide reel of the craziest stuff I’d ever seen. I couldn’t believe my eyes, the colors were more vivid and I could hear voices of people talking that felt like they were right next to me, like hundreds of people all laughing and talking even though it was just me and my friend. It was the craziest experience of my life. Something I’m glad I tried but not sure I’d want to do again.

i was seeing my self in my trip and when i was talking i could see my brain and cheeks falling in on them self as if they were made of sand and my brain almost come to a freeze.

wow very mad.

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On 08/02/2018 at 10:53, Betwrong said:

Please don't take LSD more frequently than once in a year. It can be dangerous for your mental health. 

I'm not saying it's bad, but you shouldn't abuse it or you can end up in a loony-bin. )

wha...what? There are actually very few 'side effects' from pure LSD, if at all. I've done quite a bit (and you could say a few in my family have as well, one of which holds a prestigious place within academia..)  It may change you ever so slightly - large doses over long periods of time tend to add a certain 'spacey' attribute to an individual's personality; but perhaps one might argue that they would have preferred to experience that which lysergic acid d-25 has to offer them, than be ignorant to the realms already swirling around us.. ;) You're not going to turn into an orange.
DMT -dimethyltriptamine- is produced in your pineal gland - people have been finding ways to stimulate its release for millenia- LSD just happens to be a modern, and very effective way of doing so.

I took 4 tabs of pure fluff last summer, and it was a most excellent time. :) I was just saying the other day how it was almost Acid Season again.  Although I might say, "I wouldn't recommend it to everyone - I probably have. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The important thing to remember is: if you're going to 'do drugs' -- do good ones, from reputed dealers, or preferably as close to the chemist through the supply chain as possible. 

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