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Pesky Ants at Home - 99999 Kills

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Hello there, rollers and rolletes!

How is everyone? Hope you guys are doing well today. Feeling itchy to roll? Hahaha. 🤣😂

Speaking of itchy, I would like to discuss and ask suggestions about these pesky ants at home. 🐜🐜🐜

See, I'm the type of guy who is a cleaner. I mean, I do not want stuff lying around the room or anywhere else in the house. Especially, food.

Well, despite of all the cleaning, these little beasts seems to love building their realm in my house.

I'm worried because after doing such cleaning, they still show up. In the table, walls, even on the bed. I have a baby with me so, I want to find a way to eliminate these pesky little guys.

I did several ways to eliminate them. Like storing the food on a closed place like ref, tupperwares and the likes. Also tried to clean up and wipe the place. Burned the holes they go into, I mean putting gas or kerosene then match it up with a burning paper. Also tried spraying oil based perfume because I noticed that they die with that.

After killing thousands of them as of the counting, I still see more of them loiterring around my crib. And seems they are trying to retaliate. I got ant bites on my body. They attack when Im asleep. Demmet. Hahaha. 😂🤣

Like serioulsy, how many more ants should I kill to completely eliminate them out of my house?

I even thought of finding the queen. (Crazy me yes. Haha.)

But hey, don't get me wrong here. I don't hate. And I'm not a born killer/murderer. Its just that, ants are getting peskier. They can be considered as pests if they compromise the household.

So, I wanted to get tips ( I mean, ideas or suggestions) to deal with this situation. To be honest, I am getting a little tired of killing them. Hahaha. 😂🤣😊

Can somebody help me out on this?

If you have a suggestion, idea, just kindly post it down on the comments section. And I thank you in advanced.

How about you guys? Have you experienced this problem on your end? Let's share thoughts and techniques so we can have a clean, ant free houses. Hahahaha.

Take care and do not get bitten by these demons of the wild. 🔥🐜🐜😁

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10 minutes ago, Kristoffff said:

If u want to get rid of them, just pour boiling water in their holes where they came from. Or find a kinda substance that looks like powdersugar , it kills them off too... :P

I dont have any ant problems here :P

Okies. Thanks Sir Kristoff. I will try that later on.

I got too carried away on burning them off. Hahahaha. 🤣😂

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