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The letter game

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Yo dear Primedicers!

This game is a pretty basic game. Almost the same like our beloved “last letter game” here in forum. This just afford the knowledge of the alphabet.

I’m wondering why its not already here or maybe I haven’t found it yet. And to be honest.. I’m surprised. This is one of the oldest Forumgame I ever came across. And it was like on every forum. I’m a little disappointed right now.

But whatever. I said you need a basic knowledge of the alphabet. This means you should know all letters from A-Z, but I don’t think that should be a real problem here :D! Please try to avoid words that necessarily needs “the”. But if its impossible without, go for it. Shouldn’t be the big deal.

And I won’t let get trought “A” for letter A. That’s just not enough. Be a little more creative and think about which words could fit or which words we might haven’t heard or read before!

Okay. This game is simple. Every comment represents one letter. We have to go through all the 26 we have. When we’re done with it and ended up with Z,  we’re gonna restart this whole thing and start at letter A again.

For explanation this simple example:

Comment one:


Comment two:


Comment Three:


Comment four:



As you see its pretty basic and damn easy. So stop of talking here and lets begin this damn thing, before I ran out of saliva in my mouth:

Letter A:


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