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[For Girls] Are you a VIRGIN? See tips for FIRST TIME

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They say that the first time is not these things and that only with time we understand and learn the secrets of sex. OK! But there's no way you can not create an expectation, right? It was beyond doubt: will it hurt? Can you bleed? What if I get pregnant right away?

You do not have to be nervous in the middle of the hour. Today, I bring you tips that are a virgin to send right off the bed. Much of the success between the sheets depends on care before the transaction rolls over.


• First of all, see a gynecologist
This is how the idea of the first relationship is in the head? Consult a doctor first and leave the sex for later. If you have a more relaxed relationship with your mother, go with her. Or go alone, after all, you have the right to privacy.

• Know Your Body
In addition to family support and a visit to the gynecologist, it is critical to feel that you are ready to take an important step. You have to make sure that you are able to lose your virginity and that you are not doing anything under pressure from your friends or your boyfriend.

Do not be afraid to discover your erogenous points. Self-knowledge makes a lot of difference and is for life, not just for the first time. Female Masturbation is for that!

• You must choose and never be chosen
Choose a special person to share a moment like this. Do not let anyone press you. If he does, he's not the right guy for you. And more: he must be affectionate, have patience and, most of all, like you.

Going to bed with the magic boy feeling insecurity and tension, sure, will not be a good idea.

Another detail: the place should be appropriate and safe - nothing by car, dark street or any place without comfort and tranquility, that can be dangerous or that exposes you.

• The pain of the first time
Feeling pain at first sexual intercourse is quite common in many young women. But generally, this has nothing to do with the anatomy of the body, but with tension and stress.

The more nervous you are, the more you will contract the pelvic musculature. In addition, lubrication may be insufficient. Result: The loss of virginity will surely be uncomfortable.

  • May lack pleasure

Do not expect fireworks or the scenes in which everything comes out perfect and ends in tears, like a spectacle in the theater. Many girls feel no pleasure in losing their virginity.

The tip to prevent this from happening and getting laid right the first time is to value the preliminaries. The couple needs to control the anxiety and haste to reach the end.

Because of this, a lot of people do not enjoy the ride - and the one who loses the most is the woman, who tends to take longer to achieve orgasm.

Capriche in the caresses, they create intimacy and make everything happen naturally. How about getting sex with a massage? You will love ...

• Take the bleeding out of focus and other ideas
It's not math! There is no rule that says that always bleeds in the first sexual relation of the girl. That depends a lot on the type of hymen the girl has. If it does, it's all right; if it does not bleed, that's fine too!

• Condom for the first time and all others!
Even if you are taking a pill with advice from your gynecologist, the use of condoms is indispensable. It serves to protect against STIs and not just to prevent pregnancy.

And yet, as cute as their friends are, they can not replace the doctor, indicating which contraceptive method is most recommended. Often, what is effective for one may not suit another.

I hope today's information will help make your first sexual relationship more peaceful, safe and enjoyable.

Always remember that the decision to start your sex life is yours alone, and life is a constant learning, as are intimate relationships.

Now you have tips to get laid right after first, second, third ...

Good luck

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